Mummies, how do you get rid of postpartum tummy? Already 2 months plus after delivery my tummy is still big... will it go off by itself? Any exercise? Any food that can eat to get rid of the tummy?

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diastasis recti happens to all pregnant woman so it takes a 4-6 months for the gap to naturally close and keep the "stomach" in. Need to exercise and alter ur diet too. Unless u are the super fit kind who has been running marathons and lifting weights till u pop, otherwise u have to slowly add exercise back into ur life Core muscle strengthening is important because it has no strength now but look for exercises that consider diastasis recti condition. Slowly make ur diet more protein and veg and less rice. But observe how it affects ur milk supply too caz y don't want to lose weight and baby getting v thin milk. If u had cesarean, pls wait longer to make exercise or slimming center choices - abt 4 months pp mark. There's lots of things u can "eat" but I rather u not. Not good for body - these companies have not been around long enough. And u just keep relying on it and they all just want ur money at the end of the day. Help urself. Everyday watch what u eat. Less cargo less oil. Incorporate exercise 30min a day, 1-2 times a wk and then increase to 4-5 times a wk. babywear baby and walk in the mall or in the park or push stroller in the park. Anything u can think of to get moving. A little here and there say in day out goes a long long way. I gained 20+kg and now back to pre prep weight at post part 9 months.

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6y ago

I admire your willpower. Just reading your tips made me tired LOL

How much weight did you put on? For me my tummy went down in the second month because my gal was giving me a tough time. But sad to say my tummy bounced back again hahah. It takes time for the uterus, tummy etc to contract and resume back to its previous size so give it some time . But you can help by controlling diet, avoid carbs and exercise if you can

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your body took 9months to expand. give ur body time to shrink! shrinking too fast it's also not a good thing. you can start doing crutches arnd 6 month post delivery to tone up your tummy

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Hi mummies, you can read more about diastasis recti treatment:

Tie up with towel helps to reduce wwighr

drink warm water and do excercise

drink lot of warm water


breastfeed helped.

breastfeeding 😂

The same 😢