Sex after natural delivery

Hello mummies! Has been a month plus. My gynae did Pap smear and checked on my wound all seems to be fine. She said I can have sex already. However, I’m just curious to know how did you mummies handle it? With baby sleeping in the same room, breast leaking etc. ?

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My girl so cheeky! Once I put her on her own bed she will start whining crying making alot of noise!! Once I put on my bed she smiles and dozed off. Then I’ll transfer her to her own bed. But that wouldn’t last for Long because she will start crying again!

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My hub waited after 3m. Haha. You can pump your milk first. When baby is asleep. You will know roughly when is baby’s next feed .

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Similar situation but my baby is 6 months old and I am still not having sex because I am just so tired...

Resumed sex after about 2 months but mostly in the shower 😂

Had sex about 6 to 7 weeks pp. Put baby in spring cot.

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so far haven't had sex 😂 almost 4m pp alr