Blood after cervix check by gynae

Hi mummies. FTM here. Need your guidance. I’m at week 38 + & just had my check up today with my gynae. And she did check my cervix & said I only have 1 cm dilated. And may give birth soon (didn’t mention how soon it is). Few hours after I back home, I found there’s blood on my underwear. My gynae clinic already closed for today & tomorrow. So I called Thomson emergency ward & the nurse said its expexted to have blood after cervic check. Ask me to monitor & if I’m worry to go straight to hospital. May I know if other mummies experience like this also? Need some assurance since this is my first baby & I’m so panick just now

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mine is cervix check at 38.5 weeks, 1cm dilated at 10am. 12 plus pm bleeding. went back to gynae 2pm already 3cm dilated. by 10pm 9cm dilated

1y ago

ya my hub talked to my elder boy to come out on a specific date and he really came out on that day without warning. only a bit of bloody show on the day of check up.