Blood after cervix check by gynae

Hi mummies. FTM here. Need your guidance. I’m at week 38 + & just had my check up today with my gynae. And she did check my cervix & said I only have 1 cm dilated. And may give birth soon (didn’t mention how soon it is). Few hours after I back home, I found there’s blood on my underwear. My gynae clinic already closed for today & tomorrow. So I called Thomson emergency ward & the nurse said its expexted to have blood after cervic check. Ask me to monitor & if I’m worry to go straight to hospital. May I know if other mummies experience like this also? Need some assurance since this is my first baby & I’m so panick just now

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Yes, normal to bleed after cervix check. Signs of labour : Mucus plug with blood Waterbag burst *May take some time for the contractions to kick in with the 2 signs above.* But the most obvious one is contractions. If you have started to feel contractions, do monitor the interval. Head down to the hospital if it's too frequent like between 5-10 mins apart

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Ok thanks so much mummies for the reply. So far just spotting red. I will monitor the blood & also my bb movement.