Baby crying every hour at night

Hello mummies, FTM here. My LO is one month+ old. She has been crying every hour at night. She has been fed, burped, diaper changed but just couldn't sleep and kept crying. Not sure what is happening. What should I do?

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could it be growth spurt n not eating enough or is she being wrapped to sleep? I didn't wrapped her to sleep initially but after that I tried and she did cried a bit initially and after awhile she will sleep well.

I have the same problem. Could it be colic? I know previously my ger has a lot of gas. But till now she dont really sleep so well at night.. very tiring!

2y ago

Doesn't seem to be colic for my girl. Her tummy is pretty flat (she has rounder tummy during colic days). I am really not sure what's causing her unable to sleep. She has been awake since 12am last night :(