Baby scream crying without reason

Hi Mummies These few days my 3.5mths old baby will scream cry randomly at night when it is not even her feeding time. The diaper has changed but no matter how we tried to sooth her she just cannot seemed to calm down and kept crying and screaming :( i really duno the reason except noticing that she has not been pooing these few days. We put ruyi oil on her tummy but still nothing helps. Any idea?

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could be constipation. do cycling exercise and massage her stomach in I L U pattern. make sure the milk is warm before feeding. do you have Ridwind?

2y ago

No i dont have! Where can i get ridwind?

Could it be colic or reflux? Try holding her in a vertical position

2y ago

This is very helpful thank u Mummy!

try massaging her stomach clockwise direction

2y ago

I did but still :(