Cord Blood/Tissue

Hello mummies. FTM here. Would like to know your take on storing of bb’s cord blood/tissue. Do you find it necessary? Is it worth the price? TIA

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I opted to store with a private cord blood bank. paid 9.8k (can use CDA to pay partial) for 21 years of storage. I chose to store cord blood, cord lining and cord tissue. I personally chose to store it because I feel like it's a safety net for my LO. If you can afford it and you would like to have a little back up plan, you can think of it like a little insurance for your LO in case you ever need it.

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I'm intending to store it. I think in 21y medical technology may be advanced enough that many more diseases can be treated with cord blood so it's an insurance for our future health. You can use it if something happens to you too! I'm thinking to private bank my first baby's cord blood and donate the second (if I have #2)

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I am currently storing as no one in the family has stored the cord before. If you could afford financially then can store for 21 years

I am more inclined in donating it. Coz the odds of using it in the future could be low.

I've stored it previously and will store again.