A first time mum with lots of questions about baby food intake

It is okay for me to keep feeding my 10months babygirl cerelac all the way? Or should I start making homemade porridge for her at this age? Usually in the morning and afternoon I will feed her cerelac, babybites, fruit purees and baby puffs at every mealtime. But currently she is teething now so she is refusing her cerelac except for her fruit purees, babybites and baby puffs. This is normal for teething stage right?

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You can start foods at 6months old n above . Now she’s 10months old, yes go ahead. I started trying soft porridge at 8months old , try and error with all kinds of purée foods / porridge etc. If she’s a good eater , U also can cook soft rice Or congee instead then can give rice with soups when she’s able to chew properly:) then give snacks in between. When she’s 1 yo n above, you can give full cream milk too Teething stages normally at 6m to 3 yo. So depends on each child at early or later . Some even has tooth at 4-5months. Yes 10m, she’s teething at this stage :) looks like she wanna chew , if she reject bottle milk , try give straw cup ? Can start training lo :) then once she’s hang of it. She’s able to drink from normal small cup

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mine start semi solid at 4 month cause she is starting to refuse milk and weight gain slow. she enjoy semi solid with cerelac then gradually add porridge with small pcs of carrot and pumpkins around 7 to 8 months and also oats. now 11 months eating porridge with veggies like spinach small fine cuts and chicken and fish....as u haven started her with solid , so u gradually add in more items for her to get used to it...she gets bored with same food all day...so I get to feed her with oats and later porridge and in between formula milk and fruits too.

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Hi Mama, I think it’s important to expose your child to a variety of foods, otherwise you may end up with a picky eater who is not keen on trying new foods. 😅 It seems like most of the food you’re giving now are mostly carbohydrates, you can try making your own so that you can include some veggies and protein as well? Baby can probably graduate to a thicker/chunkier consistency now..

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