1st Tri Nausea & Vomiting

Any mummies face extreme nausea and vomitting? I have extreme nausea and vomitting, can't seem to eat much. Really baby portions, anything over is too much. Any suggestions to cope with it?

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Me too vomiting all day/night 😓 wish it will be gone soon.. I’m taking the anti nausea pill.. don’t seems to work as much.. coz I still do vomit and feeling nauseous 😕


yes I had the pills don't work for me my weight drop I lost 5kg during first trimester. but I gain 22kg for whole pregnancy 2nd trimester onwards my appetite become super good

Yes me. Extreme vomiting like whole day. Only the pills that gynae prescribe can help at times.... Some time i still vomit the smallest portion of the meal out...

Me right now. Having extreme vomiting drama right now. Had a sip of 100plus lemon drink to make me burp and reduce the nausea. Couldnt find ginger ale.

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Hi! Just wondering if you're having a boy or girl? Cos I read that the nausea and vomiting tend to be worse when having a girl rather than boy. Just trying to find out if that's kinda true, based on real mummies' real experience. Haha 😆. I haven't found out my baby's gender so I'm really curious.

You can try yogurt. I also vomitted alot and i felt super nauseous but after I tried eating yogurt,it helped to ease the nausea.

Hi mummies, Is this ok for me to drink for first trimester and vomitting? To avoid the nausea and vomitting?

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I took anti-nausea pills prescribed by Gynae as well as wore anti-seasick bands. Generally helped a lot!

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Yes. I had the same issues during 1st trimester. Lesser portion and more meals. Drink more water.


Eat in little portions. Jacob’s plain crackers helped with the nausea. Drink lots of water too

Me too. Try to eat small portion and avoid bean. Peach works wonder for me.