Nausea and vomitting

Hi all, how do you cope with nausea and vomitting plus constant fatique?

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I was feeling very nausea during my first trimester. The only way for me to overcome it is my positive mind, and with that I manage to prevent myself from vomiting. Whenever I want to vomit I will keep telling myself “control control” 😂 so far I never vomit during my pregnancy. Constant fatigue - sleep whenever you can. It all depends on your type of job too. My job is very flexible, so I can sleep more when I have nothing to do. Take care of yourself mommy 🥰

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Lots of rest during the first trimester. Sleep, nap and lie down all you want, people do understand. For nausea, try to smell medicated oil/ freshcare/axe oil to ease the nausea feeling. I suck on Hacks sweets whenever i feel nauseous. Asam/sour prunes helps too. Just drink lots of water after your vomit to replace the water you lost after vomitting. Stay strong, you’ll get better in time!👍🏼

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Hi, Try to drink lots of water and have suck lemon as it really helps


I bed rest thru out 1st Tri too weak to move