Nausea & Fatigue

I’m currently at 7 weeks and having extreme fatigue and bad nausea, no vomiting yet, but feel like vomiting and I’m hungry ALL the time. But however much i eat, it’s like I’m never full. Any suggestions what could improve my nausea and ways to feel full? #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I'm 7 weeks too with similar symptoms of nausea and bloating. Did doc prescribe meds? My nausea is made worse by acid reflux but gastric meds is keeping it under control Food wise, think you need to figure out what doesnt trigger your nausea. Like for me I stay away from cooking and fried food. Bread, sandwiches, salads and fruits make up my meals now. I also drink lemon infused cold water to help with the ongoing nausea. Doses of sour candy and munching something every 2 hours may help. Stay hydrated as much as possible Dont know if this will work for you but I wear seabands on days when the nausea won't quit, and my husband helps massage pressure points (between thumb and index finger) for some temporary relief Hope something here helps!

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3y ago

Omg yaaaaa I can’t take cooked veg have you tried salad shops or subway or stuffd?? I’m worried that the veg nvr wash properly have you tried all there are you ok so far?

i was like this during my 1st trim as well. I ate sour plum and plain crackers to ease the nausea. Try eating small meals and healthy snacks