Any mummies encounter tailbone pain? This morning I woke up I felt pain in certain movements. Is it related to my prolong bad posture ?

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hi... after my delivery I am facing this tail bone problem ... know as coccyx dislexia.. as per my Ortho it's due to decrease level of calcium due to pregnancy and also due to baby(as I was carrying my baby low) . as m a feeding mother so it will take a long time to heal... m advised not to sit on hard surfaces... also m using a coccyx pillow for sitting... physiotherapy will help a lot..

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Most likely it isn't due to bad posture, unless you are sitting right on your tailbone constantly. Tailbone pain, along with hip pain is very common due to pregnancy. Your baby is probably pushing on a nerve and causing pressure that is causing it. Heating pad with Tylenol will help relieve some of this pain. Good luck sweetie!

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Actually bad posture does not cause tailbone pain because the back muscles are not attached all the way to the tailbone. Did u fall recently in the last 1+ wk? Did u purposely put a lot of weight on it solely? Some pple don't know how to do sit up properly so they have tailbone pain too. It could be some inflammation and swelling.

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6y ago

I didn't fall & didnt put on excessive weight. I start to have bad posture after I gave birth cos I m petite & carrying a 10kg toddler making ache everyday. Just then this morning I woke up I felt so painful on my tailbone & I touch it's like a something protruding. 😫

Tailbone pain is quite common in pregnancy and has nothing to do with posture. It is caused by hormones and your growing baby pressing against the tailbone.

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It could be due to prolong bad posture during sitting. Try to keep a better position when sitting down. If the pain persists, do see a doctor about it.

6y ago

Will do. Thanks :)

Try stretching.. Maybe bad posture. Limit carrying of heavy things. I have tailbone pain as i fell before. If you had any recent injury.