Tailbone pain

Hi any mummies experiencing tailbone pain in their first trimester? How to ease the pain? TIA 😎

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I had it super early on in my pregnancy too which got me worried because I had tailbone injuries before! If you're petite it might be why it came on early too! Gynae told me it's common for women who are of smaller size. important to lay on side early and go for sciatica massage( with minimum pressure). That really helped and I highly recommend Schnoemama- do their trial! Yoga helps too but don't overstretch as it can aggravate the pain.

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mine especially can't even sit down properly during 2nd trimester...and bought the chair from IKEA in order to sit..can't sit straight.

I use a thicker cushion whenever i am at work. It didn’t make the pain go away but at least less painful

Sat on a cushion while sitting on hard chairs. Or you can try get a coccyx pillow

yes i experienced it.. try a heat pad (not medicated) or hot towel