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Hello mummies! Does anyone here have experience with Mdm Rose’s post natal massage? I whatsapped her to enquire but she seems quite cold in her response and disinterested in my business.. Also, it seems like she doesn’t provide massage bed. Is it comfortable to do it just on your own bed? Appreciate if you could share your experience if any, thanks!

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Hi mummy, if u are already not comfortable with her from the onset, don't continue with her. There are others who are more friendly and approachable and just as good.

3y ago

Hi mummy! Do you have any personal recommendations to share?

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I did home massage, not with this mdm rose. I put mattress on the floor, laid over with a towel cos of the body massage. Unless u dun mind ur own bed to be oily.

3y ago

+65 8220 2351 (Mdm Latifah)

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Hi mummy, I did mine on my own bed with Post natal massage Singapore. They will provide a plastic sheet to lay over your bed before massaging.. :)

3y ago

Hi mummy, thanks for your reply. Did you use Mdm Rose too? Or have any personal recommendations?