Which contraceptive pills are you mummies taking? Any side effects? Is it effective?

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When I was younger, because of my irregular and heavy flow, my doctor prescribed Yasmin. Other than the initial nausea, there were no other side effects for me. In fact, I think I had the best skin those years I was on Yasmin haha. I suppose I was lucky to not have any side effects, I've read scary stories of other people on Yasmin and they had such a horrible time with nausea, the cramps, the breakouts. Reckon it works differently for different people. As for effectiveness, I'd say it is effective haha, just make sure you take it accordingly and not miss a day.

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I tried Yasmin before but had outbreaks, so stopped. Took Diane 35 and was alright with it. Consult your doctor. Sometimes it will take some trial and error to see how your body reacts to the different types.

This depend on individual.. I took Yasmin no side effects but my friend put on some weight when she on it.

i took diane 35 before ttc... now i thinking of IUD instead

4y ago

hi ! are you taking IUD for now ?

I took yasmin, i put on weight but not so bad..