Very bad Blocked milk duct 😭

Hi mummies. Did you ever encounter a very bad Blocked milk duct? I am experiencing it on my right breast now and it's very painful that I cant hardly move my right hand too. It started of when I started to miss pumping session , oh ya coz I'm latching and pumping and also giving formula to my 1 mth 2week baby. So if I'm outside I will just give her formula. Anw Tried warm compress, massage. I even consult a lactation consultant, it was a painful massage where they try to clear my block duct , went for the session 3 days straight , and after each session I came home with a fever. Now my another appt is Gona be 2 day later which is on the 4 may. But my breast is feeling very painful , I can only lay straight. I couldn't even give attention to my baby. Should I continue the lactation session or go to hospital ? Please help.

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Hi! I would suggest you to go to GP & get checked for mastitis, massage won’t help at this point. I took antibiotics and painkillers for 5 days & cleared completely. After I recovered from mastitis, I started taking sunflower lecithin to thin out my milk, ever since I don’t have any clogged ducts problem :)

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i feel you mummy, blocked ducts are the worst 😭 please go to the doctor if you cannot bear the pain! take sunflower lecithin regularly too, it helps to prevent recurring blocked ducts / clear blocked ducts a little faster