31 weeks and fully vaccinated

I chose to get shot on my left arm and after a few hours... my left breast started to feel very swollen as if I need to pump kind of feeling. It started leaking before the 2nd dose though (1 week before) I've never experienced this with my previous pregnancies. Is it normal to have full milk before giving birth? I can literally pump now and give my toddlers lol. So much milk. It is so painful and swollen... should I start pumping but would it be enough for my newborn later on if I start pumping now? I still have about 6 weeks for at least 37 weeks (safe zone)

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Unlikely tt pumping will cause a decrease in supply. The opposite will instead likely to happen, think of demand and supply. The more you pump out, the more your body will produce as it thinks tt ur baby needs it. While it's good to freeze whatever u have now for later use (esp the colostrum as it has alot of good antibodies for newborn), do be careful as pumping and stimulation of the breast may cause contractions in the later weeks. So best to do it aft 37th wk because if u get contractions then, at least ur baby's lungs are better developed and ready for child birth.

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Will advise to check with your gyne. Because now you already 31 week might get contraction while pumping now.