When does your child transit to bring pat to sleep?

Hi mummies & daddies, when does your child transit to being pat to sleep or sleep on their own? My LO is already 13mths old and still likes being rocked to sleep or if we are out sleep in a carrier. I’m wondering how she will be able to nap on her own when she starts childcare in future - any advice??

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Super Mum

They require training actually. It won’t happen on its own. You need to decide to stop carrying/rocking to sleep, and start patting for every nap/sleep. Since your LO is older, you can tell her that it’s nap time, and that you’re going to be there to pat her to sleep. For my first child, she needed to be rocked till 18 months, then we couldn’t do it anymore (too tiring/heavy). She couldn’t sleep with patting by then so we had to do the cry out method. Thank God she learnt it quickly (heart pain). Since then, she went to sleep on her own every day. For my second child, we started the patting method after 2 months. Works more than half the time. Continuing the sleep training process now to get her to sleep more.

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3y ago

Thank you for your advice - will have to start doing this.


3-4months After last feed and burp we will put him on his bed, pat him around 5mins he will fall sleep