Some worryness and URGENT enquiry.

Hi mummies. My check up last 2 days, doctor mention my urine has protein and they are afraid that i might have preeclampsia. They asked to take blood test and urine. (2 bottles of blood and urine is to be sent urgently to the lab) They said they will call if i happen to have preeclampsia. Is preeclampsia something urgent? If yes, will they call right after getting the results? Because I check the health buddy app for my results. Took blood test at 5+pm and results were out around 7+pm. The nurse at the routine check mention i got white discharge which I think it might be infection as my vagina is itchy also. But Dr say might have protein. I dont have blurry visions or headache. My legs tend to swell if i walk or stand too long. Dr check my leg reflexes also. I AM WORRIED SICK! my BP is within range. They ask to retake BP again but after hearing the Dr says, my BP rise up abit because I WAS NERVOUS. 2nd, I might need to be induce before 39weeks as I have GDM. And i have been having bad anxiety because its my first baby. Can anyone pls pls tell me the procedure of inducing?

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It's a serious condition which can affect your baby. If u did have, you'll be given some meds I believe is aspirin or sorts. I had a preeclampsia scare as I also had protein in my urine. My bp is fine & I have no gdm but my baby was big according to them at 34 weeks (my belly was also huge). I still have the protein but no preeclampsia but turns out I had high amniotic fluid which explains my big belly like I was carrying twins. I was induced at 35+6 as I had a high grade fever due to an infection caused by my waterbag which burst prematurely & I had to be admitted till I gave birth. They put a drip in my cervix then my gynae did a membrane sweep & I also opted for epidural to fasten the dilation. My baby came out fine & healthy & weighs normal but admitted to the NICU & SCN for antibiotic drips & further observation for 5 days.

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Usually u will not be allowed to have an induce delivery if there's no complication. And induce does not mean you'll have a 100% vaginal delivery. There's also a chance of going for a c-sect. I was in labour when gynae said there's chance of me going for a c-sect if my dilation was still slow. cos both mine & baby's high was pretty high which showed that both of us were feeling distress. Also induce or natural, both are painful. I've had both and honestly they felt the same to me. Our pain threshold are different lah so if u cannot tahan then just opt for epi je.

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preelampsia is serious..i was induced and delivered at 36 all was fine Alhamdulillah..u hv to call yr gynae n reconfirm your condition first...if u r asking abt induction, they put a pill dwn thr first to soften your cervix..den ard 3cm they will put u on drip to speed up yr labour..den waiting game la till u deliver haha

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oh dun worry no feeling..cervix checks are horrible lol..bfr my first kid i nvr even kena warded bfr..ftm sure kanchiong cos dunno what to first kid alr i had gdm n kena pre eclampsia n kena induce n baby was preterm also..macam2 hal lol