Protein in urine

Hi all, last week, I went for my 15weeks check up and was ask to do urine test. It says my urine contains protein. I'm sooo worried.. i read up alot and it says it might be pre-eclamsia. 😔doctor requested for my urine samples to see if its UTI or something else. Currently waiting for result but I'm dead worried. 😭 anyone been thru this? How can i avoid it? Sighhhh

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Went through this but apparently mine was just a scare bcos I have frequent infection before being pregnant. Totally feel what you feel. I had sleepless nights and cried bcos I was so scared. For my case, I have no other symptoms of PE except for the protein. But sadly I had a preterm membrane rupture (PPROM) due to high level of amniotic fluid which also caused an infection and made me deliver my baby preterm. But all is well now. I'm 1 mth post partum. But do look out for the signs and symptoms. Best is to heed your gynae's advice. They know better.

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Did you have any other symptoms?? Hopefully it’s not something serious!

1y ago

Blood pressure ok?? Should be ok