Glucose found in urine dipstick

Went for my routine check up at kkh and they took my bp and weight, all's good. But the nurse told me my urine dipstick shows i have glucose in my urine but it's a little high. Doctor said there's nothing to worry about. But before my routine check i had a cup of milo with soda crackers 1.5hrs ago. So i wanna ask is the glucose found in the milo? Thanks #pleasehelp #firstbaby #firstmom #worriedmummy #glucosetest #dipstick

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Last time i had hotcakes before that but gynae told me close to 1h+ 2h it should have already gone down significantly for a normal person. He got his asst to do a test for me and turns out my glucose was 9+ if i not wrong. Tat was when my gynae ordered me to do my GD test early n he had alr suspected i m diabetic

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12mo ago

Then is ok lor coz doc alr say ok. Lol. Mine had high sugar content from the mcd hotcakes n maple syrup tats y gynae ordered me to do a glucose test in his clinic (the immediate prick ones)

my gynae did a quick finger prick test for me to check my blood glucose level after seeing that the urine have glucose. blood glucose level is normal so she said it's okay. maybe the kidney cant fitler out the glucose so it goes into the urine.

it's actually quite normal to "leak" glucose in urine during pregnancy, but of course depending on how high it is, which the dipstick might not be able to tell. Gynae says ok means ok. :)