Hi mummies, anything to note when baby starts teething?

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Hi, When babies start teething they become irritable, clingy, cry for no reason and sometimes, have loose motions as well. They also may eat less or deny particular foods altogether. You can get a teether for the baby if you feel her teething is troubling her too much. Rest, feed her breastmilk if she takes your feed still. It comforts the baby a lot.

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When my boys were teething, they started crying for no reasons in the night, disrupted sleep and uneasiness. Also, he started drooling. So i applied some dentinox and realized that he managed to sleep through the night. You may want to try and feel his gums as well.

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what is dentinox ?

Besides the fact that baby will be super cranky and clingy? Not really. Spend more time bonding and cuddling. Chilled tethers really work as well, and we used the amber teething necklace

Anyone of you know where can i buy teething biscuits necklace

many and diffrent prob baby face

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Some babies may develop fever...

Try teething rusk It’s v good

drooling and fussy

loose of wait