just for fun!! hehe

Hi Mummies, anyone of your tried the wedding ring myths on the baby gender and how accurate would you all say?

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Yes I did! It works on Everybody except for me! Works for my friend, and even my mom! But for me, it says all my children will be boys but I had a girl 😂

Hehe let's see is my one accurate. I tried and it say I'm having a boy! Tomorrow I will go for scan and will know the gender of the baby.

Hehe but it's just for fun only. I tried on my hubby tummy the ring will turn lol

Yes i did! It says ill be having a boy and yes i have a son. 😁

Just had my scan so the ring myth is true!!! It's a boy

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yes i did and its sooooo accurate!!

Nope, was keen but forgot about it


Not accurate for me!

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Not accurate for me

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Never tried before