Mums,Do you recommend yue zi le ?

Hi mummies, anyone here tried yue zi le confinement catering before? Any reviews? I am deciding between Yue Zi Le and Tian Wei, but leaning towards yuezile cos they offer choices for your meals. That said, I also realized Tian Wei’s prides themselves on their pro-lactation meals, and wonder if Yue Zi Le’s meals would be able to match up in boosting lactation supply. If Tian Wei is indeed better in boosting lactation supply, I’ll prob go with Tian Wei instead. TIA!

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I ordered Yue Zi Lai for my confinement meal. Day 1 meal, the fish delivered is spoilt. I reached out to them to inform them the fish is spoilt, they mention they will send a free dessert and meat dish for tomorrow lunch. So I ask them what am I supposed to eat tonight, and I don’t see this as a service recovery, if the food is served spoilt tomorrow I would like to cancel my package. And they ask me if I would like to terminate immediately, and proceed to ask me to send them my pay now number for full refund. The whole experience is horrible, and imagine you just went through child birth and needed food on day 1 of confinement.

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I’m having yue zi le currently. I have tried Tian Wei and chilli padi before for my previous births. Food wise, chilli padi is the best, Tianwei is probably average for me. I had a pregnancy loss so was advised to try the yuezile totally regretted it. Initially when you first reached out - they promptly replied and kept nudging you to book before deadline; also tried to sell you more stuff. After you paid, the warm and sincere attitude is gone! My lunch didn’t arrive till 130pm and all they did was ignoring. Very bad. Don’t book them unless you want to starve yourself and get cold response.

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Boost lactation is not one size fit all. Not always will work for every mummy. So I would say go with the one where you feel you will enjoy the food more and pricing reasonable. I didn’t try yuezile so cannot comment comparison. TIAN Wei food is nice but tbh I dunno if it made difference to me, I had oversupply.

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Tried yue zi le after seeing good Google reviews. Totally regretted as the actual meals differ from the 5-star reviews. Definitely not worth the $35-$40 per meal. Suggest you do trials with multiple vendor before deciding. I just had tianwei trial and I think it's good, will go ahead with a 7day package first.

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I had yue zi le trial n tian wei but it really depends on u coz diff ppl diff.. i feel yue zi le couldnt really customize.. as i had GD previously.. so i asked for lower sugar...currently doing my confinement n taking tianwei thou :)

Tried both yue zi le and tianwei. Tianwei is much better. Does not recommend yue zi le as foods is repetitve & looks like economical rice. Does not worth $40 paid.

yue zi le has Very prompt customer service, food always arrive on time and warm. Food quantity and quality is good and delicious too!

@ yue zi le Service staff - helpful, patient, accommodating and flexible

yue zi le had done a really good job in providing the meals