Fibroid during pregnancy

Hi mummies. Anyone experience got fibroid during pregnant?? Hows the delivery process like? Do u frequently feel pain or cramp? Isit considered as high risk / risk pregnancy? Im at 10 weeks day 1 went for scan and theres fibroid 😒 quite worry as this is my first time experience it. My previous 3 pregnancy was all normal..

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i got a 7cm by 7cm fibroid :"( found out when went for first transvaginal ultrascan at 6weeks.. doc said just ignore it, and remove it (if it is still there) after delivery. one of my friends had a 10cm one, and it disappeared after she gave birth, so im praying the same thing will happen to me too! i did experience a few times of extremely sharp stabbing pains on my lower right abdomen, but gynae said that is more possibly round ligament strains. not sure if the pain is caused by the fibroid. before preg, im someone that always had menses cramp (quite severe type that i will always take 1day mc if i got period)

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my aunt had my multiple small fibroids through both her pregnancies years ago..there was no danger to baby and the fibroids never grew big enough to warrant surgery during the pregnancy itself :) she still goes to follow up 10+ years down the road & has multiple small fibroids that will grow and shrink etc as hormones change and all is okay :)

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Did the gynae say its something to worry about? Cos my gynae told me the same too. I have about 2.3cm long fibroid but she told me its not something to be concern of currently.. will probably just need to followup if it ever grows bigger.

I have a 3.4cm fibroid and it’s supeeeer painful to the point where I have sharp stabbing, I can’t sleep at night as the pain is continuous and keeps me awake and also… you can really pee or poop