Do babies have nightmares? My daughter has been waking up crying violently for the past few days. She used to wake up just whimpering.

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Yes babies will have dreams too. My 2 years old son will talk in his dreams. However, if your daugther waking up crying and not consolable, it could be night terror. Try to understand the causes behind and eliminate the triggers accordingly. Night terrors have been noted in kids who are: -overtired or ill, stressed, or fatigued -taking a new medication -sleeping in a new environment or away from home There's no treatment for night terrors, but you can help prevent them. Try to: -reduce your child's stress -establish and stick to a bedtime routine that's simple and relaxing -make sure your child gets enough rest -prevent your child from becoming overtired by staying up too late

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Your baby may be having night terrors. These are different from nightmares. Nightmares usually start when children who are 3 to 4 years old, and children wake up from them feeling scared (and could remember the nightmare). But with a night terror, it usually happens during deep sleep when the baby is not dreaming. The baby’s sleep suddenly gets disrupted and he/she may suddenly start crying or screaming in distress. The baby is not aware that he/she is crying, and is not likely to remember this the next morning. Fortunately, night terror is not found to have any harmful effects on babies and will outgrow them. To help, simply make sure that your baby is safe, comfort him/she (if needed) and your baby will eventually quiet down.

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