Refusing milk, any PD to recommend?

My girl is 18 weeks. She has been refusing milk since 3 weeks ago. Sometimes she cry when she suck a few times and arch her stomach. Sometimes she just play within the teat or talk. Feeding is tough and we will need to wait for her to sleep and dream feed her. However, there are some days she accepted the bottle and drank like 60ml? Please help..

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Hi , maybe she is not comfortable with the bottle or teats ? Try changing them . Happened to my LO and after switching bottle , everything works wonder ... Which bottle are u currently using ?

it happened to us when we didn't use age-appropriate teat. my boy was OK after we changed the teats.

when she drink milk. do not forget to burp her. Observe her weight gaining also


should be milk strike it's a phase can try changing teats