Baby crying during drinking

My baby is 10-11 weeks old. She has always been drinking well on bottle since birth. She’s currently drinking 120mls every 3 hourly, is peeing and pooping well. However, since last week, only in the afternoon, she has been crying a lot during feeding. She will cry and refuse to drink. At first we thought she is unwell but so far she doesn’t have any ill symptoms. Then we thought maybe the SS teat flow is too slow so we changed her teat to S. Then we thought maybe she has gas pains and we tried burping her whenever she cries before continuing. But she still fuss during feeding and needs to be coaxed multiple times in between feeds. Anyone knows what’s the issue? Is it a growth spurt? Or is she having some discomfort that needs to be checked? #firsttimemom

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Could be a milk strike. Happens to my newborn around 11-12 weeks as well. Or maybe check if baby has a blocked nose. if you have never cleared baby's nose before, he might have a big booger blocking his breathing which may affect him drinking milk.

It could be growth spurt. but in my case my baby is colicky. unfortunately she cries all day everyday. I try to massage baby to calm her down.