26 weeks pregnant

Any mummies at 26 weeks have difficulty sleeping due to baby kicking N moving very furiously inside the tummy...

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It’s common for babies to be active at night when we’re resting because babies like sleeping during the day when we’re active 😅 The rocking sensation when we’re walking around puts them to sleep, then when we try to sleep, they wake up and kick. I would rub my tummy, sometimes pat it and talk to baby. Then when there was some silence, I would quickly try to fall asleep. Heh

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I'm enjoying every kick of my baby😁 but sometimes around late night I can't sleep kasi sobrang active niya haha and hirap na rin ako pumwesto but for me effective na may pillow sa side, sa tummy at sa paa.😊


yes!! happened to me before, from week 28 till birth i cant sleep well cos baby keep moving non stop haha. but its a good sign! active baby means healthy baby. u hv to be happy lol

I had difficulty sleeping during my third trimester. Every position was uncomfy, even with the pregnancy pillow. Had to sleep sitting upright in bed at times 😅

Same also😅 minsan, may side na masakit o parang ngalay pero tolerable naman. Kaya di tuloy-tuloy ang tulog ko

Same here. Super active nia pag tulog n ko kaya putol putol tulog ko. Hehe pero sarap sa pakiramdam. 😍

🙋🏻‍♀️ huhu hirap dn huminga parang laging puputok tyan ansikip palagi hingal

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i feel.you momshie


Occasionally yes. But after an hour I am so tired that just fall asleep regardless

Yes, this is common during 3rd trimester. Pregnancy pillow helps a little bit

I usually feel it early morning kaya nagigising ako bigla ng maaga 😄