2.5yrs old refuse to eat vegetables and picky on food

Hello mummies, my 2.5yrs old started to pick on food and dislike veg. He will scoop it aside and eat only plain rice. Is there anyone experience it and how can i encourage him to eat well.

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My 2.5 yo also started disliking veggie, especially green veggies. In cc, teachers also said he will leave out the veggies and finish other food. But they will encourage him to eat veggies using peer pressure. Sometimes he tried but gags abit. At home, I tried to hide the veggies in his food, it usually works if the veggies are cooked soft enough. I also tried substituting green veggies with other colours of veggies (e.g. purple califlower).

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Thank u everyone! Yes... Been trying. Still have complain from his childcare teacher. Now i am trying to buy more bento creative character cook book to help on this

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Pd recommends to try experiment on what texture my son like. When he turned 1, he suddenly don't eat veggies. Slowly he is eating veggies now.

Hide it or minced the green veggies and mix lil by lil on dish. Tell stories that it will make them healthy and strong just like you :)

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my girl also prefer plain rice, but now she's getting better since at school she will eat anything served

Make it more fun. Can make it more colourful by adding other interesting stuff

Try doing it bento style