baby vomiting

Hi mummies, my 2 month old baby recently throwing up after feeding. Can i just add more milk than normal so she just need to drink less fluid?

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consult pd would be safer

better visit PD

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Can ask PD check

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Could be colic? Or baby is sick?

better to see a PD

I think adding more milk will not be a good idea as the baby is already throwing up. Please consult your PD for this

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Hi, please do not add more milk to off set the ones that your baby has thrown up. Just monitor and feed regularly like usual and see how things goes. If continue to throw up, better to visit the PD.

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Hi it's better not to change the formula amount, that could cause more harm than good. Vomiting is a common problem for babies up to 3-4 months, they will grow out of it eventually once their esophagus has matured. But if you're worried you can check with a doctor.

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Best to consult a pediatrician...

i think baby isnt taking the Formula well. change formula and/or consult pd