Newborn Sleeping & Feeding

My son is 1 month old and drinks 90ml (max so far I have tried) every 2 hours. Very rare to be able to stretch more than 3 hours. I am curious how often does your baby wake up for feeding at night? I also hear that baby boy tend to drink alot more than baby girl. Please share with me how much does your baby boy or girl drink at 1 month and how often he/she wakes up at night? #firstbaby #advicepls

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7 weeker boy, 3H feed of 120 each. Night just started dream feed, reducing to stretch hours from 3 to 4H at night to feed. But still achieve 8 feeds/day.

baby girl 6weeks old, average 100ml per feed every 2hrs at day time wake up once at night 3am

5mo ago

Wow waking up once is really a bonus! I hope my son will wake up less times when he reaches 6 weeks soon.

Baby boy 2 weeks old. Can drink 80-90ml every 2-3 hours. Fully drinking breast milk.