Moving out: Live near your in-laws or as far as possible?

Near, so it's convenient.
Far, so they don't get to meddle in our lives.
Don't move out at all.

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I don’t live with my in-laws and I prefer to keep it that way. Both parties are happy and free.

It depends on your relationship with your in-laws as well. If they're not too meddlesome and can provide help for kids, living near will be an advantage.

far. ayoko lumaki na spoiled ang bata sa kakakunsinti ng mil. halos lahat ng pinsan ng baby ko may pagkabastos dahil sa kakukunsinti nya.

live near much better for me in case if we have emergency...n not trouble for us to take turn to go back to hometown when celebrate any celebration

ok lang naman na medyo malapit.. lalo na wala dito yung family ko kasi anytime may makakatulong lalo na pag emergency may matatawag ka..

we live in my in-laws minsan nakiki alam sila syempre. pero nakaka tulong din naman sila .