Discomfort and pains

Hi mothers ! I recently just enter my second trimester however my back pain and stomach cramps can be quite bad . I took panadol however it didn’t ease the pain . This has disturb my sleep at night , I really hope there’s something else I can do about it . Appreciate if anyone can share to me what are the other ways I can do to lessen the pain 🙏

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I had cramps at the lower stomach for the past week too. Checked with gynae during my 16 weeks scan last Tuesday and turned out that it’s due to constipation. She prescribed some meds, and so far the cramps have greatly reduced. U may want to check with ur gynae :)

12mo ago

Thank you ! Appreciate it! Will check with my gynae 🤍

Are you doing any strenuous activity during the day? Or is your work physically demanding. The stomach cramps could be a concern, I highly suggest you seek advice from your gynae. It's not good to keep taking panadol to ease the pain as well.

1y ago

Ouh no , I’m actually just doing mostly admin works but thank you for the advice . I shall let my gynae dr know , thank you!

If the pain is unbearable or intense, i suggest to go to hospital or contact your gynae. From my experience, i only experience moderate back pain and light cramps. And yes panadol doesnt really help.

1y ago

Yes agree on that Panadol terms , I’ll contact my gynae and let them know . Thank you ! Really appreciate it !