I am in my third trimester, I had a very bad toothache. I had it during my first and second trimester. How do I stop the pain.. I had taken panadol because the pain is really unbearable. But medicine like not taking effect. The pain still there... pls help...

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I think u should go to a dentist. The hormones during pregnancy can cause us to have sensitive gums and teeth and also more susceptible to gingivitis among other things. I think u Shld get it check and see if there is anything that can be fixed about it and do so soon least u have to endure all the way till after confinement. On the side note, frequent / constant pain can increase ur stress level which is not good for the baby too (affect ur "tai Qi" in Chinese) and could affect ur delivery slightly. So get it checked and fixed or see what else the dentist can do for u

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I had the same issue as you, but only happen on trimester 3. Did you get a tooth extract in tri 3?