Someday I feel lousy as a working mother. Is this normal? What may I do to feel better?


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it's normal! i feel that way too! sometimes i feel like I'm failing in all areas coz I'm neither 100% there for work nor 100% there for my baby. but remember to be kind to yourself. motherhood is tough. i bet even SAHMs sometimes feel inadequate. try to take some breaks and do something that u enjoy. sometimes we just need to have some time to ourselves that's neither with work nor kids.

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i feel u! sometimes we really need a 'Me -time' to just breathe. go out to a nice cafe or go out for a walk at the park. do smth nice for yourself too & breathe.

I feel it too.. Do something u like.. Like a hobby! Is ok to feel not ok but u have t0 stay strong for ur little one! ❤️

Have self care. Take a break to do things you like. If job is too demanding then see if can change to something less taxing?