pinkish discharge

hi moms~ does anyone here has any pinkish discharge a bit of blood during first trimester? is it normal?

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Please have it check for your own peace of mind and to make sure everything is ok. I also experienced that during my first tri (mine was brownish) and I spent so much time thinking what may be the cause of it or if it's normal or not and it made me very stressed. Another thing is they may need to give you some pills to help you stabilised your pregnancy.

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In the early weeks of pregnancy, a little spotting or bleeding is very common. But if you are still feeling uneasy you should arrange a time with your gynae to check.

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Hi.. is it blood? i think that is known as spotting. Not a very good sign. Please visit your family doctor or gynecologist if symptoms persists. Take care

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I had a lil spotting when I just found out about my preggy. but if it continues for like more than a wk, better to go see dr

Sometimes normal if it isn't accompanied by pain and severe bleeding as this is the attachment stage

Personally I dont find that it's normal. Better to see ur gynae or go kkh a&e for a check.

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No.. did u scratch urself?? Check with doctor if this persist

Is it painful or causing any discomfort?

See gynae check up and scan