Brown-pinkish discharge

Hi Mommies, Had brown-pinkish discharge 2 days ago, and today too. No pain, just tummy feeling tight. Currently at 36 weeks day 2. Is it normal?

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Call your gynae/the hospital and monitor your contractions. I had brown discharge in the morning followed by pinkish discharge before going into labour the same night. I was already 4-5cm dilated when I arrived at the delivery suite.


it might be contraction. I had 3x contraction of different pattern. there was no blood but my tummy very tight and hard I only knew it was contraction when I visited the gynaecologist. I suggest you call your gynae.

2y ago

My tummy felt tight on and off. I had pain over the night but it wasn't constant. It lasted ard 5-10mins? Was it just braxton hicks?