Brown discharge and spotting

I have brown discharge and light brown pinkish spotting today. Spoke to a friend who’s pregnant and she said it is normal. Also did some research online..anyone experienced the same?

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I am in my first trimester and i had it too, if it’s abit it’s normal cause of the implantation blood! But if it’s a lot then get it tested, my gynae did a swab on the discharge to test incase got infection but my test results were fine!!

4mo ago

Got it I’ll check with my gynae if this persists :) thanks!

Hi, if the amount is very little and just spotting only, I think its fine. It's quite common in 1st trimester. If you're still in the early week it could be due to implantation.

4mo ago

Thanks for the info! :)

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which trimester are you in? and yes it's normal. it should go away in less than a week. but do approach your gynae if you don't feel well!

4mo ago

I’m in week 8 based on calendar but went for a scan last week with my gynae he said it’s about week 6