When did you stop eating painkillers after c sect surgery?

Hi mommies When did you stop eating painkillers/panadol after c sect surgery?

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i think i took for about a week (incl hospital + at home) but i think it’s up to individual, like ur pain tolerance and wound recovery etc! it does really ease the pain when u have to get out of bed and move around to care for bb tho! :)

Stopped on the 3rd day. Actually by 2nd day it's alr bearable but because I can't wait to walk ard, I just popped painkillers to allow me to move ard more comfortably.


1st pregnancy - stop 2nd day of ops 2nd pregnancy - had it 3days in hospital, stop when I discharge

2nd day in hospital nurse forgot to give me painkillers and didn’t need to take it after.. 😅

stopped aftr 3 weeks ;) But theres no pain aldy. Gyn jus adviced to finish it.

I took it for 2 weeks, as my doctor recommended it to me

3days in hospital. take it when necessary at home.

I finished all the meds prescribed to me