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any mommies with PCOS has problems breastfeeding? my baby had problems latching from day 1. also, my milk didnt come in till after a week. when milk come in, baby dont want to latch. now my milk supply dip to its lowest despite eating legendairy supplements, lactation cookies and nursing teas and red date teas and power pumping droplets of milk. my baby just started learning how to latch but idk how much is he getting. ofcourse i have to top up with formula. but my other breast which he refused to latch on totally dried up. any way to make it come back? he refused to latch on that super low/dry breast. i feel so useless that i cannot provide him with that immunity. he is currently only a month old 😭

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I am a oversupply mama my supply is 3x of what baby needs. at 13 month old I had a very bad infection for 2 weeks my supply dip until pathetic 4 Oz after 6 7 hours. but now I got my supply back just nice for my baby. what I did was avoid milk killer food and eat more milk booster. most importantly I did skin to skin nursing all over again for 1 week and auto the supply come back you can try hope it helps you

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