Mommies who are into babywearing using wrap, what is your favorite type of carry and why? I have a size 6 QB wrap and I carry my son using 2 types of carry most of the time, FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry) and FCC (Front Cross Carry). I love FCC because it's a poppable carry. No need to loosen the wrap if you remove your baby from the wrap. How about you mommies?

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I am a Babywearing mom and tried several types of carrier. When my daughter was just 6 months old I used to carry her using a wrap (Love Renshel's Mermaids Kiss Size 5) I use the FWCC method. But now at my daughter is 19 months old I am into SSCs.

8y ago

We have SSC too, but I really love wrap! Hahaha. :)

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