feel itchy in miss v

Hi mommies, want to ask anyone exprience gatal in miss v n what solution for this? Bcoz before miscarriage aso i feel itchy like this... Now after 3 months miscarriage start ithcy again.. What i should do n what supplement i must eat for this.. Anyone pls suggest me..

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Ada excessive or smelly discharge tak? Kalau gatal+whitish discharge possible la yeast/candida infection. Boleh pergi nearest clinic dr akan bagi pessary utk sumbat dlm miss V utk rawat keadaan tu

3y ago

Sbb tu kena check nearest clinic. I cannot see/imagine how ur discharge looks like 😁. Tp biasanya ubt utk rawat miss V ni kena sumbat situ la. Kalau makan tak jadi mana sbb mostly yeast infection

Better go to doctor and consult with them. Vaginal itch might be caused by infections or bacteria. Wish you all the best