Harmony / Panorama Test

Hi mommies, can you share at which week you did your Harmony / Panorama Testand cost. Is it better to do it earlier or later e.g 12 weeks or 20weeks

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Did panorama at 12 weeks. There is the FA scan at week 20 so I guess it's better to do earlier? Cost wise I think about 1k+. But we took the package so it's 2.6k inclusive of some diagnostic tests and the FA scan

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Did my panorama at week 11 and got the results within 2 weeks. It's really for a peace of mind 😊 got to know the gender and loads of other genetic tests were done too. Costs a little over 1k for me

Mine was neither. My gynae recommended NICE (NIPT I think) which would test a list of abnormalies and also get to know gender. Did it at week 10, 30YO, FTM.

do earlier for peace of mind and if you want to know the gender. i did at week 12.

Did it at week 11. Cost me around 1k plus and results came in 2 weeks

I did at week10. Better do earlier

I did at panorama at wk10

I did harmony at 15 wks