Baby rashes

Hi mommies , recently my baby keeps having this rash , I thought it might be the shampoo problem so I decided to change and stick to pureen . It’s not as bad as in the picture now but there’s still some small red rash . Been applying to cream that the clinic gave me but no changes . Any mommies have this kind of experience?

Baby rashes
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The 1st pic looks like hives to me. My baby is also having the same issue. Went for his allergy test and he is found to be free of eczema and food allergies like cow's milk & eggs. Prescribed with mild steroid but he's still scratching like crazy, I have to swaddle my 4 mth old! My thoughts is also about the shampoo I used to use on him - Kodomo. Noticed that he can't use anything with fragrance or one that makes bubbles. Switched to Suu Balm Kids. Still having on & off rashes.

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