Baby crying when changing diapers

Hi Mummies, My 7 days old baby boy cries a lot when we change diapers. I noticed there is a rash and hence he is crying. I have been applying Mustella rash cream but baby still cries a lot. Any suggestions on how to deal with this baby rash? #advicepls #firsttimemom

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I was using drapolene but it didn’t works on my 7weeks old so I changed to mama’s choice and it helps a lot. Rash gone in 2 days. Just keep applying a small amount and dry it a bit before putting the diapers on.

If there's rash starting I would suggest the purple desitin. If broke skin might need to see pd to get medicated cream.

destin is not good. use the pink one. ( drapolene ) my lo has been using it since day 1. no problem at all.

Sudocrem works best for me. You might wanna consider trying other brands of diapers.

purple desitin for rashes! blue desitin for daily diaper-changing

Im using drapolene cream and the next day the diaper rash gone

I’m using sudocrem. Works really well

I’m using Desitin. You can try this.

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