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Hi , all mummy i just want to know what is different about formula milk NAN H.A and NAN Pro , which one it better for baby, thanks for advice

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NAN H.A. is the hypoallergenic formula, which is easier to digest and helps to reduce the risk of allergies. NAN Optipro is the usual cow's milk formula. If your baby has no known allergies or issues, good to start with NAN Optipro first as it's cheaper and does not have the bitter taste that most parents said is present in H.A. versions

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How old is bb? Does he have allergies? If doesn’t start on regular formula and need no go on hypo allergic milk. Try a few brands if you like. I heard Friso is good for digestion!

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My PD recommended HA cause my baby have ecezma. Otherwise I think just get the Nan Pro will do.

1y ago

My baby also have ecezema