Mommies, I am planning to get pregnant but I am in my late 30's so I want to take adequate measures to boost my fertility.Can you please suggest some natural simple ways to do that?

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Hi Karina, monitoring your ovulation period helps to increase chances of getting pregnant. download the app to help you keep track of yr period and it automatically presents the ovulation period for you, so that's when you and yr partner can give things a shot. at the same time, consider changing yr diet if it's an unhealthy one. lower the amount of stress (if possible) too, as that can affect moods, and fertility chances. take folate pills as well prior to conception and it helps prevent spina bifida in the fetus. good luck!

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Hey don’t worry, I got pregnant in my late 30s too. Suggest using the clear blue ovulation kit, can be bought at most pharmacies, it’s more accurate than an app. This doesn’t boost fertility but increases efficiency of getting pregnant la, timing is everything, after all you only have one chance a month!

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As a natural way you can also consider boosting your chances through your food intake. Salmon, broccoli, complex carbohydrates, leafy greens are the few.

I am sure you already know this: if you are a smoker then give it up totally and also alcohol...Yoga helps! other than that have you had a fertility test done? You may not need fertility boosting :)

Hey Sumati thanks a lot for that! Yes I had my test done, it looks normal just wanted to be extra careful with other things as well.

Hey Cindy! Thanks a lot for such detailed reply, you are awesome! I will download the app straightaway

Take in more balanced diets and you can start to consume folic acid tablets when trying to conceive.

book a prenatal appointment first and consult the doctor.