How to hide pregnancy from company

Hello. I am planning to start a new job and get pregnant too. But I don't wish to tell anyone before 3 months pregnant. I am a very superstitious person, hence would like to wait till 3 months stable. I'm afraid my morning sickness will expose me. Can anyone please suggest what can i say if i happen to feel nauseous? My previous morning sickness wasn't so bad. It's only bad when I smell some specific foods. Usually first two mths, it's hard to tell what kind of food i feel nauseous. That's why I'm hoping for some advices which i can tell my colleagues. Thank you so much for helping. 😁

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Will suggest tell the true or postpone your pregnancy after confirmation. As in case the new company ask u to go checkup which include X-ray etc. Also if they found out later they have reason not to confirm your job or might ask u leave within probation period. My friend encounter this even MOM also can’t help as u hide the truth. Symptoms usually different pregnancy different symptoms. All my 4 pregnant almost all different.

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I only told my boss before 3 mths as my work productivity will definitely drop. But my boss also kept it a secret and didn't tell anyone else. Also helps as my boss let me wfh and I don't need to go office at all because I keep vomiting during the first trimester.

I mentioned I am coming my period so it’s e PMS symptoms.

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Just say your not well, upset stomach, acid reflux. 🤣

Say you have gastric problems?