Nan optipro 1 made in netherlands

Hi, mommies has anyone using Nan optipro made in Netherlands here, I am currently using it try if my baby good with it but his poop becomes green and he poops after 3 days, he will also play with his milk although his reflux is much more better now than last time he is 2 month old, do u think the Australia and Singapore optipro almost the same? If not will switch to other brand if he is not gaining welk

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Not sure about the difference in fomular made in different countries. But I think opticpro, baby poo should be yellow and opticpro HA then should be green cause of the iron content. I asked nestle before cause my newborn had green poo after changing to Opticpro HA. now we change her to Opticpro, her poo is yellow now. you can call Nestle hotline to ask on your query better. 800 601 1633

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U too TC n ur baby!

You can have an idea about colour of baby poop and reason here: